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Lois Henry

Assistant Managing Editor/Columnist

Employed at The Californian from 1990 until today — so far.

Frankly, the less you know about this person the better. Bitter is the best word to describe Lois Henry. And, really, who can blame her. Reared and educated (a relative term at best) in the dusty ag town of Fresno, she obviously didn't make much headway before landing in yet another dusty ag town - Bakersfield.

Sure, she covered plenty of beats, city, county, state government, social services and finally oil. But then in 1997 she chained herself to a desk becoming Metro Editor, then assistant managing editor in 1999. For many years, she could be found slogging through copy muttering about too many dashes, harassing hapless reporters about the need for a "who cares?" graph in their stories and barking orders at no one in particular.

In 2007, she took up the pen again, writing a twice weekly column (how she gets paid for this claptrap is an ongoing mystery). The good part is she's no longer annoying reporters and editors in the newsroom. The bad part, for you anyway, is she's back out in the world.

Our best advice is to just leave her alone and hope for the best.

Hobbies: Writing joke bios

Morbid fears: Clowns

Wisest words she ever spoke: Never, ever, ever turn your back on a chimpanzee!

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  3. LOIS HENRY: PUC needs a reboot, new appointee says

    I wish Michael Picker luck. But I hold out very little hope. Picker is a newly minted California Public Utilities commissioner, appointed in January to fill out the term of departing Mark Ferron,...

  4. LOIS HENRY: Did deputy get good 'ol boy justice? Maybe not

    When I heard about the "punishment" handed down to Kern County Sheriff's Deputy John Swearengin, my first thought was: Good ol' boy justice strikes again. But, actually, the 480 hours of community...

  5. LOIS HENRY: Our spay/neuter bus is gassed up, ready to roll

    OK, so we've had a few stutter steps since the county gave several local non-profits $80,000 to get the spay/neuter ball rolling. In a weird way, though, the stutter steps may have landed Kern in a... Daily Deal!

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