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Cesar Sanchez, 43, of Bakersfield, caught and released this 4.5-pound bass Feb. 25 at Riverwalk Park. He used a plastic worm as bait.

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Jett Murray, 7, of Bakersfield, caught this 3-pound, 19-inch rainbow trout at the Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area's Lake Evans on Feb. 25. He used green PowerBait on the outing with his brother Tash Murray and grandpa and grammy Rowson.

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Mikey Cuellar caught this 5.5-pound carp using a nightcrawler on Feb. 16 at Lake Ming.

LAKE ISABELLA: The crappie bite was hit and miss over the weekend, but the pre-dawn night bite was very good while the day bite was tougher. The midweek storm could push the crappie out to deeper water, but it was a warm storm and most anglers don't think it will affect the bite. The fish are still stacked up in South Fork-Paradise Cove part of the lake, and they are mostly slabs in the 1-8 range. The best action is still on live minnows, but a few fish are showing on small jigs tipped with Crappie Nibbles. The bite is good from shore, float tube and boat. Crappie anglers are reminded the limit is 25 per licensed angler. The catfish action remains fair to good with the best action on nightcrawlers and garlic shrimp. Lots of fish from 2-4 pounds. Bass action is also starting to turn on, with fish to seven pounds reported on plastics, nightcrawlers or shiners. After a couple of DFW trout plants in the past month, anglers are starting to see a few rainbows. Other species are very slow.

KERN RIVER: The upper river has been slow to fair this past week for bait and lure anglers, but the fly anglers are seeing some pretty good afternoon action on wild fish. DFW plants in section 4, 5 and 6 this week and next week and six stretches are slated for stocking. The best bite has been on salmon eggs and mice tails for bait and lure anglers and small nymphs and emergers for fly anglers. Lower river continues to be slow and low.

AQUEDUCT NEAR TAFT: Lighter fishing pressure this past week with most guys fishing crappie, but the striper bite remains good to excellent. A reminder: the limit is two-fish, 18 inches or longer. Fly-lined sardines, blood worms and lug worms are still the best baits, with almost no fish on anchovies. Catfish slow.

MILL CREEK PARK: Overall slow fishing, but the carp bite is starting to turn on dough baits.

RIVERWALK PARK LAKE: Trout action slowing way down. DFW trout plants may be over for the season. The largemouth bass bite is good with a lot of fish in the shallows making beds or cruising. More and more bluegill showing each week, and the carp bite is starting to kick.

HART PARK LAKE: DFW trout plant last week. The bass bite has kicked into high gear with the fish moving shallow for the spawn. Most smaller fish under two pounds showing on Brush Hawgs and Senkos. The carp bite is starting to turn on. Bluegill are also showing.

TRUXTUN LAKE: The DFW trout plant last week and the bite was pretty good over the weekend. The bass bite has broken open with the fish in the shallows for the spawn. Nightcrawlers, plastics and Brush Hawgs all getting fish. The carp and bluegill action are also starting to improve, with the carp best on dough baits and the bluegill best on meal and wax worms.

MING LAKE: DFW trout plant last week and the bite was fair through the weekend. The carp bite broke open this past week with the best action on Powder Bait or other dough baits. The largemouth bass bite has also really started to kick into high gear with a lot of fish shallow on beds. Other species slow.

BRITE LAKE: The lake is filling up this week and the bite has been good on trout after a DFW plant this week. The largemouth bass bite is improving.

BUENA VISTA LAKES: Trout plant last week and the rainbow action was pretty fair over the weekend. Best action has been on catfish for anglers fishing nightcrawlers and shrimp. The crappie bite is still pretty fair. The spring bass bite is good with a lot of fish along the shorelines fanning out beds.

WOOLLOMES LAKE: Catfish action has been fair to good and the water level is pretty good. The trout bite has all but slowed to nothing with no plants in over a month. The bass are starting to show in the shallows, and the odd bluegill is also starting to be caught. Carp are fair and improving with warm weather.

SUCCESS LAKE: The bass bite is pretty good this week with the fish moving up shallow for the spawn. Other species still slow.

KAWEAH LAKE: Bass bite fair to good as the fish push up into the shallows for the spawn.

Other regional lakes

CACHUMA: The big news is the 4,000-pound trout plant last Thursday and there has been excellent action since for both shore and boat anglers. Two rainbows topping 7 pounds have been reported. The largemouth and smallmouth bass action is steadily improving.

CASITAS: The bass bite has kicked into high gear with the fish flooding into the shallows for the spawn. The best bite has been on plastics, nightcrawlers.

CASTAIC: Stripers are showing in better numbers with the best action on lug worms, sardines and blood worms in 50 to 75 feet of water. Also some topwater action on the stripers in the mornings. Largemouth bass have been good in 10 to 30 feet but fish are moving up into the shallows for the spawn with the warm weather. Quite a few smallmouths are also showing.

LOPEZ: The bass bite was breaking wide open this past week as the fish started moving shallow. Best action has been on plastics and nightcrawlers. A few catfish continue to show on cut baits in deeper water, but all other action is slow.

NACIMIENTO: Fair to good spotted bass action this past week. Fish mostly up shallow.

PIRU: Few reports, but the largemouth bass bite has been fair to good on plastics and reaction baits. Other species slow.

PYRAMID: Winds have hampered the fishing off and on the past week. DFW trout plant last week so this perked the action on the rainbows from shore in the plants area. Lots of small stripers from 10 to 12 inches showing but few bigger fish. The best catfish bite has been on nightcrawlers, blood worms and cut baits. The largemouth bass bite has improved, and the best bite is on plastics and nightcrawlers. Most are 1-2 pounds.

SAN ANTONIO: Few reports.

SANTA MARGARITA: Light fishing pressure. Bass in the shallows preparing for the spawn but only a few fish on beds. Most of the action is in 10 feet or less with a lot of quality bass reported from 4-8 pounds.

Trout plants

KERN: Brite Valley Reservoir, Cuddy Creek Pond, Kern River (sections 4 and 5).

TULARE: Del Lago Park Lake, Kaweah Reservoir, Kern River (sections 5 and 6), Murry Park Pond, Success Reservoir.

Ocean report

LONG RANGE UPDATE: The long-range fleet is back on the giant tuna grounds this week and has been reporting very consistent fishing on 90 to 120 yellowfin tuna and enough over the 200-pound range to keep things very interesting.

CORONADO ISLAND YELLOWTAIL: The yellowtail bite at the Coronado Islands continues to yo-yo up and down with a good volume of fish still at the islands. Boat traffic, weather and tides have made the action far from predictable, however.

ROCKFISH STILL EXCELLENT: The rockfish bite just remains excellent all along the coast. Half-day trips are getting half- to three-quarter limits, while the three-quarter and full-day boats are mostly getting limits of rockfish, reds and bocaccio, with a few lings, sheephead, sculpin and whitefish. On Tuesday, The Southern Cal out of Pierpoint Landing in Long Beach, with 34 anglers on a half-day trip, landed 280 rockfish. The Redondo Special out of Redondo Sportfish was out with 19 anglers and they landed 173 rockfish and six sculpin.