Bakersfield native Marc Johns lost his qualifying match to Adam Chadaj from Poland in two sets on Sunday, ending any hopes of advancing in the Three-Way Chevrolet Cadillac Bakersfield Tennis Open.

"I'm a little disappointed. I went out there with the intent of performing at the highest level that I could," Johns said. "I just came up short. At this level, if you give anybody a little bit of breathing room they'll take advantage of it."

Johns said he went into the match nursing a few injuries, which may have contributed to his loss. Blisters on his feet, as well as a pulled upper-groin hindered his performance and may have contributed to a longer recovery than he wants.

"I'm going to let those heal up and hopefully get into another tournament," Johns said. He said he hopes to rehab his injuries in time to qualify for the Calabasas Pro Futures Tournament on March 17.

"Maybe next week is out of the question, but I'll try to get into a few other tournaments by the time I heal," Johns said.

That doesn't diminish the achievement of getting this far.

"Marc has done so much for local tennis," said Mark Fredriksz, general manager and tennis director at the Bakersfield Racquet Club. "The beauty of events like this is that it brings the entire tennis community together. Marc, as approachable as he is, has been the common denominator."

The Bakersfield Tennis Open continues with qualifying matches through Tuesday when the tournament bracket is complete. From there, the qualifiers will continue competing until a champion is named on March 16. The event is open to the public and free to attend.