Kern County, southern San Joaquin Valley

LAKE ISABELLA: The catfish action remains fair to good with the best action on shrimp, garlic shrimp or shad. Lots of fish from 2-4 pounds. The crappie action off the French Gulch marina in 14 feet of water has been fair to good on small minnows. These are mostly fish over a pound. Other species are very slow, including trout which were planted last week. The lake remains so low the boat ramps pretty much require four-wheel drive to launch boats.

KERN RIVER: The upper river has been slow to fair this past week for trout, with the Democrat Dam area and the Kernville Park to the powerhouse stretches still the top spots. The best bite has been on salmon eggs and mice tails. Fly anglers are also still seeing a pretty fair bite on the wild trout, mostly on small nymphs. The lower river continues be very slow on both smallmouth and trout, but Richard Vega, Bakersfield, landed a 26-pound carp.

AQUEDUCT NEAR TAFT: The aqueduct has continued good for the small stripers. Most of the fish remain under the minimum keeper size the bite has been hot on lug worms and sardines, with blood worms and tube bait nearly as good. The fish are running from 1-3 pounds with a few over the 18-inch minimum size. Catfish bite slow.

MILL CREEK PARK: Overall slow.

RIVER WALK PARK LAKE: DFW trout plants last week and three weeks ago. Good action with the best bite still on chunky cheese PowerBaits in garlic and salmon egg flavors. Mice Tails doused with garlic oil or the new Power Dust are also good.

HART PARK LAKE: DFW trout plants last week and three weeks ago. Good action on garlic chunky cheese PowerBait, green nightcrawlers and Mice Tails.

TRUXTUN LAKE: The DFW trout plants last week and three weeks ago. Pretty good action over the weekend with a fair bite since. Garlic and salmon egg chunky cheese PowerBait have been the best bets. A few bass are also showing.

MING LAKE: DFW trout went in last week and the bite has been fair to good on PowerBait in the garlic flavors and Mice Tails with garlic oil. The warm weather has also made the bass stir, and there has been some fish showing in the evenings on plastics and even topwater baits. There were also some crappie reported this past week.

BRITE LAKE: DFW trout plants last week and three weeks ago. PowerBait with garlic, Mice Tails and small jigs with scent have been the best bets.

BUENA VISTA LAKES: Trout plant two weeks ago and the rainbow bite has slowed since. A few fish continue to show and the best action has been on chucky cheese garlic PowerBait and green nightcrawlers. Plants tentatively slated for every three weeks. A few crappie are finally starting to show on small minnows, but fewer reports of catfish this past week.

WOOLLOMES LAKE: DFW trout plants last week and three weeks ago. Fair to good action on garlic-flavored PowerBaits and nightcrawlers.

SUCCESS LAKE: Overall slow.

KAWEAH LAKE: Overall slow.

Other regional lakes

CACHUMA: Good trout action has continued this past week after the 4,000-pound plant three weeks ago. Lots of trout for both shore and boat anglers with fish to 8 pounds landed. The warm weather has perked the bass a little with the best action on swimbaits and jigs, and a few smallmouth were caught by trout trollers. The crappie are begin ing to stir and a few trollers reported incidental crappie catches. Catfish slow. A few carp showing.

CASITAS: The bass action remains tough with a few fish showing for the diligent anglers. Even a few fish up in 10 feet of water or less with the warm weather. Best action is still on deep-water jigs, plastics and nightcrawlers. A few catfish are showing, mostly by accident. Overall light fishing pressure.

CASTAIC: DFW trout plant went in this week at the main ramp. The trout bite had been slow before this plant. The stripers and largemouth bass are both pretty good. The best largemouth action has been from shore and in Hawk's Nest on blood worms, nightcrawlers, and plastics. Keith Auburn, San Fernando, had a 3-pounder on a blood worm. The stripers continues to be best on cut baits around Kong Island and Necktie Canyon.

LOPEZ: Slow to fair bass action with the warmer weather, but still pretty tough. Best action has been on plastics and nightcrawlers. A few catfish showing on cut baits in deeper water.

NACIMIENTO: Few reports. Still slow to fair spotted bass action on nightcrawlers, jumbo red worms or slow-fished jigs and plastics. Other species getting very little pressure so there have been few reports.

PIRU: Not a lot of change with very light fishing pressure. Overall slow to fair fishing. The largemouth bass bite has been fair on plastics and reaction baits. The average fish is from one to two pounds. A few catfish reports, and a few deep-water crappie anglers have landed a few fish from 30 to 40 feet of water on small jigs.

PYRAMID: DFW trout plant here this week, which is the first in over a month. Lots of small stripers from 10 to 12 inches showing but few bigger fish. The best action has been on nightcrawlers, cut baits, and bloodworms. Fair catfish bite in the main channel by the gate house and in most of the deeper coves and bays. The best catfish bite has been on nightcrawlers, blood worms, and cut baits. The largemouth bass bite has improved a little more this past week with the nice weather, and the best bite is on plastics and nightcrawlers. Most are 1-2 pounds, with a few bigger.

SAN ANTONIO: Few fishing reports. With no launch ramps available now, only kayaks, canoes or inflatables can get on the water.

SANTA MARGARITA: Very little fishing pressure, but the warm weather has brought a few bass up into shallower water with a few fish to 8 pounds reported in the past week. Most are showing on nightcrawlers and plastics. Catfish, panfish slow.

Trout plants

LOS ANGELES: Castaic Lake, Pyramid Lake

KERN: Cuddy Creek Pond.

TULARE: Kaweah Reservoir, Success Reservoir.

Ocean report

LONG RANGE REMAINS EXCELLENT: The long range fleet out of San Diego continues to run to the giant tuna grounds off the tip of Baja California. The fishing remains simply awe inspiring.

MEXICAN ROCKFISH AND YELLOWTAIL: The 1-1/2-day and 2- 1/2-day boats out of San Diego have been focusing on the tremendous rockfish action south of the boarder and cashing in on yellowtail around San Martin Island. While the landings have been taking care of the temporary visa and Mexican licenses for anglers on their boats, private boaters need to make sure the correct paperwork before heading into Mexican waters.

CORONADO ISLANDS UPDATE: While the yellowtail bite dropped to nothing for much of the past week for the three-quarter and full-day trips running out of San Diego, there is still a good rockfish bite at the islands for these short trips. The San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing was at the Coronados on Saturday with 30 anglers and they caught 300 rockfish.

LOCAL COAST UPDATE: The half- and three-quarter day boats from Oceanside to Santa Barbara are all mostly biding their time until the California rockfish season reopens March 1. There continues to be a pretty good pick on bass and sculpin in the Santa Monica Bay.