The seventh annual Don Glover Masters Scratch Tournament drew a field of 45 entrantsover the weekend at Regency Bowling Center. This year's event had just about everything for a spectator to keep the momentum going.

To start off with, all four past Glover champions came to compete. And, all four of them did not disappoint as they all made it into the top 20 semifinals! And, all four of them placed in the tournament.

But the two qualifying squads on Saturday had their moments. We had two bowlers pick up the 7-10 split and both were Bakersfield bowlers--Diz Francisco and Jess Stayrook. Squad B had a 300 game shot for the first game by Mike DeVaney. Excitement was brewing for the top 20 semifinals that took place Saturday after Squad B finished up. Paul Bober, who recently moved to Santa Monica from Morton Grove, IL, posted consistently high games that landed him the number one spot for the Sunday's Top 10 match play finals averaging 242 for 6 games. Carlie Medina III was the only Bakersfield bowler to make the top 10, and he secured the No. 2 spot averaging 239, just twenty pins below Bober. Former Glover Champion, Scott Norton, just missed making the Top 10 and placed 11th

Sunday morning's nine games of match play had Bakersfield's Carlie Medina III take over the No. 1 position after first game after rolling a nice 268 game. Medina III was the only left-hander in the Top 10. He lost his next game and dropped from leading to fourth at which time P.J. Haggerty and Bobby Campagnale took over the top two spots as they were consistently winning their matches. But then, defending Glover Champion, Eddie VanDaniker, Jr., shot a 277 after five game and took over the top spot and held that top spot through the nine games. The 10th game was a position round which matched VanDaniker, Jr. (3737) against P. J. Haggerty (3685) which Haggerty won with the highest game of the day, a 288.

The top five were then set for the roll-off. The fifth seed, Andrew Graff, who made an impressive run to secure making it into the roll-off, was first up against fourth seed, Carlie Medina III. Medina commanded the match and won 256-177.

Next up, Medina took on third seed Bobby Campagnale, who was the only two-handed bowler in the tournament. This match had Campagnale start strong with a five bagger and Medina struggling after opening in the fifth, but Medina came back with four strikes to be within 10 pins. Medina barely won 214-212, with Campagnale getting a split in the 10th.

Medina then faced second seed, Eddie VanDaniker, Jr., and their match was close until Medina opened in the ninth frame which cost him the match 203-245.

The final matchup was between 2012 defending Glover champion, VanDaniker, Jr., and top seed and two-time (2007 & 2011) Glover champion, P.J. Haggerty.

Haggerty wasted no time striking in the front six frames. VanDaniker, Jr., started with an open but couldn't stay with the pace Haggerty set and ended up losing 172-258.

P. J. Haggerty, who was accompanied by wife, Janay, was thrilled to again win this title.

Don Glover Tournament results:

Oct. 5-6, Regency Bowling Center

11. Scott Norton, Mission Viejo (1293) $150

10. Dave Wodka, Henderson, Nev. (3474) $200

9. Keith Laing, Culver City (3501) $250

8. Steve Smith, San Diego (3627) $300

7. Paul Bober, Santa Monica (3668) $370

6. Jeff Frankos, San Francisco (3682) $425

5. Andrew Graff, Las Vegas $500

4. Bobby Campagnale, San Bernardino, $600

3. Carlie Medina III, Bakersfield $1,000

2. Eddie VanDaniker, Jr., Chatsworth, $1,500

1. P.J. Haggerty, Roseville, $3,000

Weekly super scores

Several firsts to report that took place on Sept. 23

Matt Sanchez rolled his first 300 game bowling in the Bakersfield Scratch Trio league at AMF Southwest Lanes on lanes 9-10. He was using an older ball in his arsenal, a Columbia Dark Encounter, that was drilled by Mike Hefley/Bowlers Edge. Bowling the same night, same league, Rick Bowman, bowled his first ever 800 series. An 800 exactly with games of 279-255-266.

And, then a couple nights later, bowling in Marge's Social Group league at Regency Lanes, Carlie Medina III wowed everyone by bowling his 50th.

Bowling calendar

Oct. 26: GEUSBC (Golden Empire United States Bowling Congress) Board Meeting, 11:00am, Regency Lanes.

Mon.-Sun., Oct. 28 -- Nov. 3: BVL (Bowlers to Veteran's Link) Week. Directors from GEUSBC (Golden Empire United States Bowling Congress) will be visiting local leagues to collect BVL contributions, raffle off a BVL item, and distribute BVL In-League Tournament entry forms.

High scores

Bowling High Scores for Tues., October 8, 2013

Bowling High Scores from Regency Bowling Center for Weeks 3-4 of Winter leagues ending October 2, 2013.


300 -- Carlie Medina III--(50th career 300); 297 -- Robert Creekmore; 279 Elwood Elliott; 278 -- Terry Havener; 270 -- Zack Newman; 267 -- Dan Long; 265 -- Chris Gregory; 258 -- Mark Bubacz, Phil Cook, Mike Maloy; 257 -- Mike Hefley, Ron Andrews; 256 -- Marc Burt, Sid Webb

Youth Boys:

224 -- Zack Long; 175 -- David Waybright


779 -- Carlie Medina III; 740 -- Elwood Elliott; 733 -- Mike Maloy; 730 -- Zack Newman; 729 -- Dan Long; 712 -- Mike Hardwick; 706 -- Mike Hefley

Youth Boys:

489 -- Zack Long; 427 -- Tim David


251 -- Linda Perry; 247 -- Stephanie Sanders; 246 -- Netta Yaeck; 235 -- Elida McClain; 233 -- Lenore Espinoza; 231 -- Lora Garrett, Marge Grissom; 228 -- Bette Addington; 226 -- Jennifer Mott; 224 -- Lauren Davin, Nancy Weber; 222 -- Gloria Stigall; 220 -- Tracye Hicks

Youth Girls:

168 -- Nicole Tweedy; 129 -- Jasmine Sanchez; 112 -- Cassey Black; 73 -- Maryssa Short


656 -- Linda Perry; 653 -- Stephanie Sanders; 650 -- Lenore Espinoza; 626 -- Netta Yaeck; 617 -- Jennifer Mott; 602 -- Lauren Davin; 600 -- LaDonna Helton

Youth Girls:

394 -- Allissa Sweet; 329 -- Jasmine Sanchez



300 -- Matt Sanchez; 290 -- Hector Santiago; 289 -- PD Richardson; 284 -- Mike Mayo; 279 -- Rick Bowman, Mike Hefley, Dan Long; 269 -- Bill Bumacod; 268 -- Charles Breeding, Sean Ambrose; 267 -- Aris C. Anadilla; 263 -- Andrew Svoren; 256 -- Gary Cole, Jr., Kenny Branch; 255 -- Norris Richards; 254 -- Tim Henson; 253 -- Robert Mayo


800 -- Rick Bowman - (279-255-266); 770 -- Hector Santiago; 747 -- PD Richardson; 722 -- Kenny Branch; 708 -- Mike Hefley; 706 -- Andrew Svoren; 702 -- Mike Mayo



222 -- Chris Ellington; 217 -- Chad Rogers; 214 -- Mike Maloy


163 -- Dawn Maritt; 161 -- Cari Fivecoat; 152 -- Diana Carlton


--Marge's Super Senior No-Tap Singles Tournament

Thurs., Sept. 26, 2013, 1pm, Regency Bowling Center


1st -- Lorene Johnson (759)

2nd -- Caroline Liles (755)

3rd -- Nancy Scott (745)


1st -- Bill Bumacod (862)

2nd -- Arnold Hall (856)

3rd -- Dave Thomas (850)

--Coffee Club

Regency Lanes

Sunday mornings, 10:00 a.m.

Sun., Sept. 29th results:

1st -- Roy Jones & Bill Bumacod (1806)

2nd -- Robert Fox & Ron Andrews (1716)

3-6-9 carryover at $460

--7th Don Glover Masters Scratch Tournament

Oct. 5-6, 2013, Regency Bowling Center


Sat., Oct. 26: GEUSBC (Golden Empire United States Bowling Congress) Board Meeting, 11:00am, Regency Lanes.

Mon.-Sun., Oct. 28 -- Nov. 3: BVL (Bowlers to Veteran's Link) Week. Directors from GEUSBC (Golden Empire United States Bowling Congress) will be visiting local leagues to collect BVL contributions, raffle off a BVL item, and distribute BVL In-League Tournament entry forms.