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Casey Christie / The Californian

This photo was taken when Ryan Beckwith was introduced as the new athletic director of Bakersfield College.

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Bakersfield College Athletic Director Ryan Beckwith talks with Californian President and CEO Richard Beene on "First Look with Scott Cox" in April.

It's official: Ryan Beckwith is no longer Bakersfield College's athletic director.

Barely two years from the date he was hired, Beckwith said late Friday afternoon that "it's official. I'm not returning as the Renegades' athletic director. I've resigned."

Beckwith, 34, said he didn't think BC would make any statement about his departure.

Beckwith's resignation comes on the heels of conference sanctions against the Renegades' football program that were announced on May 14.

Sources at BC have said Beckwith's departure was imminent and that longtime softball coach Sandi Taylor, who has been BC's associate athletic director for several years, would be Beckwith's successor.

Beckwith declined further comment but issued a statement:

"I feel proud of our accomplishments in my time as the director of athletics, and I appreciate all the support by the Renegade fans and the staff and faculty at Bakersfield College.

"As I have set my roots here with family, I look forward to serving Bakersfield in a capacity which allows me to have a greater, more direct impact within the community.

"I urge the Renegade Nation to continue to support its student athletes, both in their academic successes as well as their athletic development. As always, Go Gades!"

Beckwith was hired on July 27, 2011, as the successor to Jan Stuebbe, who announced in December 2010 that he was retiring effective July 1, 2011, after 13 years at the BC athletic director.

On May 14, the Southern California Football Association ruled that BC had committed several violations of California Community College Athletic Association bylaws dealing with special privileges for football players.

The SCFA ruled that BC must forfeit all regular-season wins from the 2011 and 2012 seasons -- making both years 0-10 seasons -- and the CCCAA then vacated BC's 2012 state football championship.

BC has also been placed on two years' probation and is ineligible for the postseason in football this season.

When BC announced the sanctions, college spokeswoman Amber Chiang said no coach or administrator would lose their job over the football matter.

But sources have said in recent weeks that Beckwith was being pressured to resign.

A phone call and message left on Chiang's phone, seeking a comment from BC on Beckwith's departure and confirming Taylor's promotion to athletic director, was not immediately returned.