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John Harte / Special to The Californian

Bakersfield College defeats City College of San Francisco to win the California Community College football championship. The Renegades celebrate their state championship.

Bakersfield College has taken the next step in appealing sanctions imposed on its football team by the Southern California Football Association.

On Tuesday, the college put in a formal appeal to the California Community College Athletics Association in response to a denial of an earlier appeal to the SCFA.

In a ruling announced May 14 after BC self-reported alleged infractions, the SCFA said BC must forfeit all regular-season wins from the 2011 and 2012 seasons, BC is ineligible for the postseason in 2013 and is on probation for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

BC appealed those sanctions to the SCFA, which denied that appeal in late June.

"I believe the penalties are overly broad and excessive for technical infractions that did not put our student athletes at a competitive advantage," said Dr. Sonya Christian, president of Bakersfield College in a release. "The facts presented in the appeals document provide clarity on the actual nature of the infractions, and should lead to more appropriate sanctions on Bakersfield College."

The appeal to CCCAA is a re-presentation of the arguments presented in the earlier appeal to the Southern California Football Association (SCFA), the school said. However, in addition to the previously-submitted materials, Bakersfield College contends that the procedure used by SCFA in denying Bakersfield College's appeal lacked transparency and fairness, and violated fundamental due process.