League bowlers, this weekend the annual Bowlers to Veterans Link tournament will be taking place. This is your tournament to come and not only support the veterans but to come out and have the opportunity to bowl in your division among other local bowlers who average right around your average.

Leagues were visited this past week by Directors of the Golden Empire United States Bowling Congress. If your league voted 100 percent to donate to BVL, then the amount (either $1 per bowler or $2 per bowler; whatever you voted on at your league meeting) was collected as well as information was given out about the BVL Tournament. New this year, you could use your scores you bowled last week as an entry into this BVL Tournament and some bowlers did just that. And, lastly, either a 50/50 or a Lotto Cap raffle was held to also collect donations to BVL. All this money will be put together to become our 2012 BVL donation to our State BVL. This money is then distributed to hospitalized Veterans throughout the state of CA that apply for it for things like exercise equipment, TVs, etc.

The BVL Tournament will take place at AMF Southwest Lanes (Saturday) and Regency Bowling Center (Sunday). Squads on both days will be at 12 noon and 2:30 p. m. This event is open to all league bowlers (adult and youth) and you must have 9 games bowled by November 2 if you don't have a Book Average. Entry fee is $20 and bowlers may enter this event the day of the tournament provided they enter at least one hour prior to their desired squad. Bowlers may also re-enter and bowl in another squad if they wish (re-entry fee is also $20). The winners of each division will be honored at our annual Awards Banquet as well as go on to represent Bakersfield in the upcoming 2013 California USBC Helen Duval Veterans Tournament that will be held on Saturday, March 30 at Double Decker Lanes up north in Rohnert Park. Entry forms are available at local centers or log on to www.geusbc.org.

At the recent GEUSBC (Golden Empire United States Bowling Congress) Awards Banquet, the 2012 Scholarship Recipients were introduced and recognized. They are Danielle Looney (Stockdale) and Tyler Samora (Golden Valley). Both will be receiving $1,000 from GEUSBC to further their education. Here's some information on both of these individuals.

Danielle Looney has been bowling youth leagues for twelve years. She placed in one of the Pepsi tournaments in the Division finals. Her career high game is 268 and career high series is 592. Looney, who is currently 18, plans to continue her education at the Academy of Art University. Her major is Animation and Visual Effects. Her hobbies include animation, stop-motion, reading and photography. Her brother, Nathan and her dad are also bowlers and that's what got her into the sport. Winning this scholarship to her means "that I can go to college and follow the dreams I created."

Tyler Samora has been bowling youth leagues for 10 years. He has placed many times over the years in the Youth City Championships as well as won the Doubles event in the CUSBC State Youth Championships with brother Joseph in 2006! His career highest game is a 279 and his high series is a 650. Samora, 18, plans on continuing his education at Bakersfield College with his major of Chemistry/Medicine. What got him into the sport of bowling was his Dad, Al, who took him bowling one night and he was hooked. Winning this scholarship for Tyler means "that I have made a milestone by getting my first one. The rest should be easier for me now."

Bowling Tech: the weather, the grip

A key part of bowling is definitely the grip of the ball, and the weather can play a big factor. Dropping the ball or hanging up in the ball because your thumb is sticking can both destroy the accuracy of where you are trying to place the ball, not to mention that hanging up in the ball decreases the rev-rate as well!

There are many ways to remedy the incorrect feel. Some add tape in the winter and take tape out in the summer. Some bowlers even change their finger and thumb grips' size based on the season.

Pro bowlers have even been known to change the amount of reverse pitch on their thumbs based on weather, humidity and elevation in order to get the correct comfortable grip. As winter quickly approaches, pay attention to your release. If you find yourself dropping the ball and then you are at the point where you've put so much tape in that your thumb feels too tight and you're still dropping the ball, a thumb pitch change might be the answer. Obviously there are many other factors to the accuracy and high scoring in bowling, but if your grip doesn't feel right, nothing will.

Silent auction for Tony Reyes

Las Vegas is the place to see some of the world's top professional bowlers at South Point Hotel & Casino. The World Series of Bowling is going on now through Sunday. This event kicks off the PBA Tour season. Bowlers are bowling on the PBA Animal Patterns. For a full list of competitors, visit www.pba.com/Rosters/Details/1869. Or, special one-day rates are available exclusively during the WSOB for $3.99, also visit www.pba.com for info.

Also on pba.com currently is a silent auction to benefit Tony Reyes. One of the very special items available is a unique Tony Reyes commemorative bowling ball--one of two made--which features a logo image of Reyes. This ball, along with a variety of autographed bowling balls, competition shirts signed by players who wore them and other memorabilia will be sold in this silent auction to benefit the family of the late Tony Reyes. This auction is underway on pba.com (click on the special yellow "Tony Reyes Auction" link near the top of the pba.com home page) and will conclude at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Recent passings

We recently lost some local league bowlers that were well known to the bowling community:

Oct. 6 -- Josie Parker

Oct. 12 -- Paul Hamel

Oct. 20 -- Betty Leach

Oct. 23 -- Elaine Duncan

Please keep their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Get-well wishes

Get well wishes to both Betty Lovingier and Virginia Cummings who not only are friends through bowling but both recently had hip injuries! Wishing you both speedy recoveries.

Weekly super scores

-- Congratulations to John Curtis who rolled a 300 Nov. 1, bowling in the Stockdale Men's league at AMF Southwest Lanes. This is Curtis' second career 300 game. Curtis actually pulled out his old Hammer "Cherry Vibe" bowling ball that he hadn't used in quite a while and look what this matchup did!

--Glenn Yeoman lit up the scoreboard with strikes on Monday night, Oct. 29, bowling in the first position round of the Bakersfield Scratch Trio league at AMF Southwest Lanes rolling 18 strikes in a row (8 for the end of his second game continuing on with 10 for his third game--Varipapa 300 style!). He had a 237 for his second game and a 287 for his third game.

--Congratulations to Andrew Svoren and Cody Lewis who teamed up and won the recent Adult/Member Junior Amateur Tour tournament on Oct. 7, at the AMF Bowl-O-Drome in Torrance. Svoren/Lewis were +471 and won the scratch score by one pin.

Bowling calendar

Nov. 10-11: BVL (Bowlers to Veterans Link) Tournament. Saturday's tournament will be held at AMF Southwest Lanes; Sunday's tournament will be held at Regency Bowling Center. Squads both days are 12 noon and 2:30 p.m. Entry fee is $20. Entries accepted at tournament one hour prior to desired squad.