On Tuesday, Aug. 14, Ebonite International Demo Days will take place at Regency Lanes. Local bowlers are invited and if they do not bowl in the Tuesday night Mega Ball league, their time schedule to try out the new Ebonite equipment will be 6:30-8:30 p.m. Mega Ball league bowlers will have two different squads to try out the new equipment: 4:30-6:30 p.m. before league starts, and also after league finishes from 8:30-10 p.m., for those who can't make it for the early squad.

Ebonite will be bringing six of its newly-released bowling balls, which will include a couple of Hammers, a Track 912T, two Columbias and Ebonites.

This event is free to bowlers, who should bring their shoes and at least one ball so that a quick measurement of your span can be made and pick the right demo balls, which come in spans from 4-5 inches. A quick check of your span, a grip size measurement, then they pop in the grips to a ball you want to try and away you go! They also bring equipment drilled for left-handers. There is no advance sign-up, but there will be a sign-up sheet starting at 4:30 p.m. It will be first-come, first-serve in the order of sign-up starting at 4:30. And, again, there is no cost to the bowlers for this event hosted for local bowlers put on by Regency Lanes and the Bowlers Edge Pro Shop. Come see the latest balls on the market and see what ball works the best for your style of bowling. Also, check to see what specials are available on these featured Demo Day balls!


Saturday, Aug. 18, will be the annual Golden Empire United States Bowling Congress secretaries workshop starting at 1 p.m., at AMF Southwest Lanes. This Workshop is open to both league secretaries and presidents for the fall league season. Letters were mailed out to all league secretaries in our association inviting them. It is the hope of GEUSBC that each league will have either a secretary or president or officer attend whether you are an officer from the past season (if you haven't held your election yet for this upcoming season), or a current league representative.

League packets will be distributed as well as a new Average Book listing for bowlers as of April 15, 2012. New rules will be discussed as well as any new awards being offered (GEUSBC or USBC). Refreshments will also be served.

GEUSBC association manager Nancy Weber will run this Workshop. She cannot stress enough how important it is for league secretaries to attend. The Workshop only takes an hour and the information secretaries receive can help expedite processing of league sanctions as well as league awards. So many league secretaries think they are doing their duties correctly but, in fact, they are either using outdated forms or have no idea when the deadlines are to get sanctions or awards in to Weber. If league secretaries perform their duties timely it helps Weber get bowlers' cards and awards processed faster and the outcome is happy league bowlers! Come find out how to make your league run more smoothly this upcoming 2012-13 season.


Any youth bowlers or youth wanting to try bowling, AMF Southwest Lanes and AMF Westchester Lanes have a deal for you! On Aug. 25, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., at either of their locations (AMF Southwest/3610 Wible Road or AMF Westchester/1819 -- 30th St.), they will be having Kids Fest, which will feature a free hour of bowling with shoes included and $1 Hot Dogs and $1 small sodas. In addition, if any youth sign up for a league this fall (which starts on Sat., Sept. 22), they will receive (2) Free practice games and to be signed up for a chance to win a new custom bowling ball (valued at $159). For further information, contact AMF Southwest at (661) 834-2695 or AMF Westchester at (661) 324-4966.


Interested in joining a short league and get out of the heat? AMF Westchester (1819 30th St.) will be offering the 10 for 10 Club league starting on Aug. 21. League will be mixed teams of 4 and will bowl for 10 weeks for $10 each week! Meeting for this league will take place on Aug. 21 at 6 p.m., and bowling will start that night at 6:30. All league members will receive a discount card for (2) free practice games per week plus a new bowling ball at the end. Spread the word at work and get some fun competition going! For further information, contact AMF Westchester at (661) 324-4966.


The Mexican-American bowling league will be returning and take to the lanes on Tuesday nights for this Winter 2012 -- 2013 season at Regency Lanes. This year's league format will be a mixed handicap Trio team league and is expected to draw more than 20+ teams. Each team must be mixed, meaning they have to have at least one woman or at least one man to have a legal lineup and the handicap is based on each bowler's average.

Let's all get out, tell a friend and put some more teams together! There is a chance this league could go even bigger if enough people bring in some more Trio teams. For more info or to sign up call Regency Lanes at (661) 325 -- 6428.


With the fall league season approaching, we want bowlers to be aware that the annual GEUSBC Awards Banquet will be in the fall on Sept. 22. Normally this event is held in April or May but due to conflicts like graduation and school ending, it was decided this year to try to hold this event in the fall. The banquet will take place at the Eagles Hall (downtown on 17th & H), at 6 p.m. This year's banquet will also be a combined adult and youth banquet. Tickets will be $15 for steak and $12 for chicken, and will be available from any GEUSBC director but must be purchased in advance. Come see who will be inducted into the GEUSBC Hall of Fame for 2012 as well as who will be honored with annual awards.


A couple of formation meetings have just taken place and teams are forming. It's still not too late to bowl in this league if you are interested in bowling in a scratch league this fall. League bowls on Monday nights and will be rotating every eight weeks from AMF Southwest Lanes to Regency Lanes and back. Team cap is set at 625. League is currently accepting full teams and individuals. League starts on Monday, Sept. 10, at AMF Southwest Lanes. For more information, contact Diz at (661) 599-3097 or on Facebook -- Bakersfield Scratch Trios.