In honor of the late Bud Hannaman, who we lost this past April, tournament directors Russ Tweedy and Gary Cole, are putting together a 4-Gamer tournament July 15 (Bud's birthday!), at 1 p.m., at Regency Bowling Center. It is the hope of Tweedy and Cole to turn this into an annual event to remember this great man and his impact to the Bakersfield bowling community.

This is a handicap tournament (80 percent of 220) with two divisions: Senior (55 and older), and Adult. Juniors are also welcome. Entry fee is $40 (for sign-ups before July 15) and there will be high pots available also. Day- of entries will be accepted two hours prior to start and fee will be $50 (late registration will stop one hour and fifteen minutes prior to start of tournament).

Participants will bowl four games moving a pair to the right after each game.

Payout, by division, will be on the day of the tournament and will be based upon number of bowlers in each division (1 for 3 for up to 19 bowlers; 1 for 4 for 20-39 bowlers; and, 1 for 5 for 40 or more bowlers). Youth ratio will be 1 for 3 bowlers.

The event will also feature some speakers talking about Bud Hannaman at this event sharing their fond memories of this great man. Come out and help celebrate his life doing an event he would be most proud to see Bakersfield bowlers doing in his honor.

BOWLING TECH: The Senior Bowler

The older we get, the slower we get, and the slower our bowling ball speed gets! The fine line between too much oil or not enough oil greatly affects senior bowlers more than regular adult bowlers.

Do we cater to them with special oil patterns that keep their bowling balls from hooking too early or too much? It's about a 50-50 between most bowling centers. Some bowling centers run a special pattern for their seniors while other bowling centers run the house pattern and simply say everybody plays on the same pattern. With today's technology and state-of-the-art oil machines, why wouldn't you cater to your seniors? It's really simple. After all, haven't they earned at least that with their years of patronage to local bowling in the cities they live in?

Especially with today's bowling balls and the technology that makes them hook so much, it's kind of hard to tell a senior bowler who has money in hand and wants to buy the newest bowling ball. "Sorry, Mr. or Mrs. Senior Bowler--you throw the ball too slow and this ball just won't work for you!" Yes, you can de-tune the ball, polish the ball, lay it out negative-weighted, but in the end, sometimes the ball still just hooks way too early for the slower ball speed.

Luckily, the bowling ball manufacturers do still make equipment that has a very high RG numbers for getting down the lane further. Any mild shells keep from hooking too much on the backend of the lane. The only problem is the ball they really need might be the wrong color or wrong name!


The California United States Bowling Congress held its annual State Convention the weekend of June 8-10 at the Double Tree Hotel in Sacramento. Here are some of the highlights:

-- USBC Afternoon Jamboree with David Prange: Activate your membership on; give them you email address to receive updates weekly.

-- New awards: bag tags and key chains to replace magnets. New 11-in-a-row acrylic trophy. New ladies 300 ring.

-- California has seven collegiate bowling programs.

-- Now there is online entry system for National. Under consideration is changing women's team to four-person teams from five.

-- USBC has webinars; check for schedule.

-- Associations -- 10 Things to Remember:

10. Check regularly.

9. Read USBC E-news.

8. Update your bylaws and policy manual.

7. Create good relationships with bowling centers.

6. File required tax documents. Every year file 990 forms, before Dec. 15, $20

every 2 years to file Inc. papers.

5. Recognize new members.

4. Process and distribute awards/memberships promptly.

3. Promote and grow tournaments.

2. Think coaching.

1. Have fun.

Effective Aug. 1: After March 15; July 31 have to buy new sanction card. They are considering having a Summer-only card.

Consider doing tournaments with 100 percent of 240 handicap.

June 10

-- Morning session was dedicated to introducing the CUSBC Board of Directors, Approval of 2011 Minutes, Officer and Director Reports, Credentials Report, Committee Reports and Award Presentations. The Credentials Report showed a total of 126 present and eligible to vote--this total includes officers (5), directors (20), association delegates (87), proprietors (2) and youth delegates(12).

-- The following information was presented during the Committee Reports. Please note although there was a lot more presented, this is information I was able to jot down:

Website/Publicity: website is currently under construction to make it new and improved. You will be able to use credit cards in paying for your advanced entry forms or official entry forms to bowl State. This is set to be ready for the 2013 Youth, Open and Women's Championships. Paypal accounts will be set up prior to this new site going live. Part of these new changes will enable team captains to be able to have their own login to the registration site.

You will be able to enter your roster info and then pay by credit card. Your information will also be saved so that in future years all you have to do is update your team's averages or you can replace teammates easily and quickly.

Prince/Princess Tournament: New for 2013--CA State Singles Championship and it will have two new divisions--Youth Division and Scratch Division.

2012 Prince/Princess Tournament will be held Oct. 20-21 at Tyme to Bowl in Oroville up north.

Senior Singles Tournament: 2012 event will be held Aug. 17-19 at Santa Clarita Lanes in Saugus. Saturday squads are full! New division this year-- Division "E" for bowlers 50-54 years of age.

BVL-Bowlers to Veteran's Link: Since 1950, CA bowlers have donated eight million dollars ($8,814,986.22 to be exact!). And, CA is still number one as we were the highest state to submit donations again in 2012--$131,611.02!! Golden Empire USBC donation this year was $3,419.00 and we have 1,765 members so that works out to $1.94 donation per bowler!!

Youth State Scratch Tournament: 2012 event moved from October to Aug. 11-12 and event will be held again at AMF Visalia Lanes. Two qualifying squads on Saturday (am and pm) and this is a Gold Qualifier event.

-- Special Awards: The CUSBC gives these awards out annually and this year the Coach of the Year went to Joe Jiminez. Jiminez is the Youth Director at New Yorba Linda Bowl. Proprietor of the Year went to Charlie Kinstler.

Kinstler is from Southern California and owns several bowling centers--Del Rio Lanes, Cal Bowl, Bowlium, Keystone Lanes and Saddleback Lanes. (The 2012 Open Championships were held at Cal Bowl and Keystone Lanes.) And, the Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dennis Fanucchi. Fanucchi is from Northern California and long-time owner with his family of Granada Bowl in Livermore.

-- Star of Tomorrow: Ryan J. Peden of Sanger received the 2012 Star of Tomorrow Scholarship Award. He will begin his college career at UC Berkeley this fall to pursue a degree in Engineering Physics with a minor in Mathematics.

He began bowling at the age of six and has five 300 games so far in his career (the first at age 14) and high series is an 820.

-- Hall of Fame: This year three ladies were given the honor to be inducted into the CUSBC Hall of Fame. Karen Smith was the first to be honored and is being inducted for Superior Performance. Next was Nancy Arvanitis, who also is a CUSBC Board Member, and she was honored for Meritorious Service. Her involvement with youth promotion through the years was recognized. And, last, but surely not least was Carol Mancini who also was honored for Meritorious Service. Mancini is the driving force behind the CA Bowling News newspaper and has put in years of service to promote bowling.

-- Legislative: There was only one proposed amendment to the CUSBC State Bylaws and it involved the number of youth delegates being allowed. Original Bylaw stated one (1) youth delegate for the first 1,000 members and the proposed amendment was to change this figure from one to two to give more representation for the youth delegation as well as promoting a buddy system for youth delegates to attend convention together. This proposed amendment was approved.

(Thanks to the use of electronic voting devices, all delegates were able to vote and results were posted on a big screen quickly which really speeds the process up.)

-- Nomination/CUSBC Board Elections: No nomination forms were submitted at Convention prior to the Annual meeting so the slate of remained the same.

The office of President was up first. President Linda Johnson was running as the incumbent and 2nd Vice-President, Kathy Bruegeman, was nominated from the floor (her nomination papers had been filed previously to run for President). A vote was taken and President Johnson won in a close race (52% to 48%). The remainder of the election for the various positions up for election was held with no opposing candidates. No one new was elected to the CUSBC Board this year.

For the 2013 delegates for the USBC Convention, President Linda Johnson and 2nd VP Kathy Bruegeman were elected to represent CUSBC with 1st VP Rosie

Parker and Director Larry Peppers as alternates.

-- Dates for 2013: USBC National Convention will be April 30-May 4 at the Silver

Legacy in Reno, NV. USBC Open will start March 30 in Reno; USBC Women's will open April 12 also in Reno.

CUSBC State Convention will be June 8-9 at the DoubleTree in Ontario. Helen Duval/BVL Classic will be held March 30 at Double Decker Lanes. Women's Championships will start April 3 in San Gabriel Valley; Open Championships will start April 20 in Central Sonoma.

-- USBC National Convention notes: "Blazing New Trails" was this year's theme for the Convention that was held April 25-27 in Arlington, TX. New rule books for the 2012-13 season. A total of 767 delegates were registered. 13 proposals were presented; 7 of these related to bylaws; 4 to league rules and 2 to proposals related to tournament rules. Most controversial was PA B2 that would give USBC Board authority to adjust national dues caps B3 for state and B4 for local association. They were presented/amended/reconsidered and all three were rejected. Seven of the eight approved pertained to league and tournament rules. All proposals that were approved will be effective as of Aug. 1.

-- Association officers need to pay special attention to changes that will be made especially to leagues. Article IV, membership dues, which removes the provisions that a membership purchased in a summer league receives next season's membership. Also, be aware about the addition and changes in Rules 106g (NEW); 113b & 113c; 118b and 120, also tournament rules; 319a--adding the use of composite average; and 319c average adjustment.