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Will Voigt, Bakersfield Jam coach

It wasn't exactly a slam dunk. Not even a layup.

In fact, it was probably much closer to a last-second, off-balance 3-pointer to win the game.

Whatever it was, Will Voigt emerged from a list of three candidates to be named head coach of the Bakersfield Jam on Thursday.

The announcement was made by Stan Ellis, majority owner of the NBA Development League team, and is pending NBA approval.

The three finalists -- Ed Pinckney and Bob MacKinnon were the other two -- were chosen from a group of 10 by votes from select season-ticket holders, the media (The Californian did not vote) and the Jam.

But by the time all the ballots were in on Wednesday, Pinckney had taken a job with the Timberwolves and MacKinnon, who led the Colorado 14ers to the D-League title last season, had a couple of other offers.

Realizing that time was running short in the vote-for-the-coach game, Ellis and Co. quickly went with Voigt.

"Will Voigt was kind of the sleeper," Ellis said. "He doesn't have the NBA experience but he knows the X's and O's."

Voigt also knows a thing or two about being voted in as coach. That's how he acquired his previous position as head coach of the Vermont Frost Heaves of the Premier Basketball League (formerly the American Basketball Association).

Sports Illustrated senior writer Alexander Wolff established the franchise in 2006, came up with two choices for the coaching position and allowed fans to vote. Voigt, a native of Vermont, won in a landslide and led the team to the championship in 2007 and 2008.

Ellis called Voigt, 33, "a diamond in the rough," and said he comes highly recommended.

"(Voigt) met with the Golden State Warriors and (general manager) Larry Harris recommended him and said he felt comfortable sending us players with Will being the coach," Ellis said.

The Jam is affiliated with the NBA's Golden State Warriors and L.A. Clippers and can be assigned players by both teams.

"He comes from a little different mold, but we've got a bit of a different mold ourselves," Ellis said.