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Casey Christie / The Californian

<p>Pitcher Shelby Alsup of Garces was named MVP of the Southeast Yosemite League in softball.</p>

Editor's note: The following leagues responded to the The Californian'srequest for all-league listings. Additional all-league teams can be faxed to 395-7690 or e-mailed to for publication. These selections are not to be confused with The Californian'sAll-Area teams, which will be published Thursday through Sunday in the Sports section.


Southeast Yosemite League

Most Valuable Player: Greg Ziegeler, Liberty

Rookie of the Year: Jason Martin, Foothill


Catcher: Peter Mitchell, Bakersfield

Pitchers: Jordan Howard, Liberty; Justin Leal, Highland; Jordan Wenrich, Foothill

Infielders: Byron Campbell, Liberty; Andrew Letourneau, Liberty; David Pennington, Bakersfield; Rigo Salas, East

Outfielders: Eric Weiss, Liberty; Tyler Delgado, Garces; Alex Mitchell, Bakersfield

Utility: Wes Quattlebaum, Bakersfield


Catchers: Bryan Haney, Liberty; Ashton Hensley, Highland

Pitchers: Blake Keathley, Bakersfield; David Carmona, Bakersfield; Nash Campbell, Highland; Jacob Valenzuela, Garces

Infielders: Chris Neal, Liberty; Perry Rogan, East; Chad Steele, Highland; Joe Bell, Garces

Outfielders: Joseph Soto, Highland; Patrick Parker, Bakersfield; Grant Campbell, Garces

Utility: Anthony Perez, Foothill


Jason Berg, Liberty; Tyler Montano, Bakersfield; Ryan Dobbs, Liberty; Ryne Fessler, Liberty; Michael Vaquera, East; Grant Sanders, Liberty; Enrique Meza, Golden Valley; Kevin Ruiz, Highland; Austin Duran, Bakersfield; Tim Hamilton, Bakersfield; John Ghilarducchi, Bakersfield; Adam Morrow, Foothill; Adonis Hoggatt, Golden Valley; Nick Neri, Highland; Andrew Fanucchi, Garces; Jared Lewis, Liberty; Steven Ramirez, Highland

Southwest Yosemite League

Tri-Most Valuable Players: Jarret Martin, Centennial; Dusty Robinson, Centennial; Scott Denesha, Stockdale

Co-Pitchers of the Year: Philip Valos, Stockdale; Korie Walkley, Centennial

Co-Rookies of the Year: Blayne Ontiveros, Frontier; Scott Villanueva, West


Catcher: Tyler DeMasters, West

Pitchers: Danny Armstrong, Centennial; K.C. Hobson, Stockdale; Clyde Barbour, North

Infielders: Joe Ramirez, Centennial; Greg Osteen, Stockdale; Art Charles, Ridgeview; Ryan Drown, Stockdale; Mike Spingola, Frontier

Outfielders: Daniel Terry, North; Ethan Williams, Centennial; Isaiah Turner, Ridgeview

Utility: Bryan Maxwell, Centennial


Catcher: Jacob Neilson, South

Pitchers: Garret Jensen, West; Travis Gifford, North; Jeff Dolinar, Stockdale

Infielders: Alan Morales, Centennial; David McKeehan, Frontier; Enrique Romero, South; Brent Nichols, North

Outfielders: Jordan Hussey, Ridgeview; Jon Broida, Stockdale; Ryan Lay, Stockdale

Utility: Sam Westendorf, Centennial


Josh Dickey, catcher, Centennial

South Sequoia League

Most Valuable Player: Taylor Gilliam, Bakersfield Christian

Rookie of the Year: Brock Tessandori, Tehachapi


Catcher: Chase Grisham, Bakersfield Christian

Pitchers: Josh Gallington, Bakersfield Christian; Matt Davis, Taft

Infielders: Brandon Morris, Bakersfield Christian; Brent Peterson, Bakersfield Christian; Nick Ballengee, Shafter; Sean Arbaut, Tehachapi; Robert Berryman, Tehachapi; Casey Beach, Wasco

Outfielders: Riley Showers, Bakersfield Christian; Dalton Botts, Taft; Johnny Holguin, Tehachapi; Ross Wymer, Wasco


Steve Blanco, Arvin; Fausto Buelna, Arvin; Josh Kidwell, Arvin; Craig Kennemer, Bakersfield Christian; Jeremiah Twisselman, Taft; Austin Kindred, Taft; Trevor Burtz, Tehachapi; Franky Rodriguez, Tehachapi; Will Inselman, Shafter; Angelo Montez, Wasco; Alex Rodriguez, Wasco.


Southeast Yosemite League

Most Valuable Player: Shelby Alsup, Garces

Rookie of the Year: Tiffany Hoggatt, Golden Valley


Catcher: Kelsey Nichols, Highland

Pitchers: Julie Estep, Golden Valley; Myranda Sawyer, Highland

Infielders: Kaila Williams, Garces; Kayla Gardner, Garces; Cassie Campos, Bakersfield; Cassidy Bell, Liberty

Outfielders: Loni Carrera, Garces; Danielle Fine, Bakersfield, Francis DelRio, East

Utility: Ellen Krausse, Garces; Meghan Grace, Garces; Courtney Hockett, Liberty


Catcher: Kiana Stoddard, G.Valley

Pitchers: Chelsey Camp, Liberty; Norra Sotelo, East

Infieiders: Sammarrah Haynes, Bakersfield; Sabrina Rea, Foothill; Cece Torres, HIghland; Dominique Lopez, Golden Valley

Outfielders: Yvette Salazar, Golden Valley; Maria Cruz, East; Marissa Bustos, Liberty

Utility: Danielle Hockett, Liberty; Kelsey Best, Foothill; Celina Morales, Garces

Southwest Yosemite League

Co-Most Valuable Players:Ensley Gammel, Centennial, and MacKenzie Oakes, Stockdale

Rookie of the Year: Brenna Moss, North


Catcher: Jamie Dumatrait, Ridgeview

Pitcher: Carly Hummel, Ridgeview

Infielders: Melissa Cope, Stockdale; McKenzie Joseph, Centennial; Brandi Church, Centennial; BreAnna Brown, North

Outfielders: Jessica Newton-Smith, Centennial; Nikki Sawyer, Centennial; Brooke Sampson, North

Utility: Megan Sweet, Frontier; Hanna Grisham, Centennial


Catcher: Vanessa Medina, Centennial

Pitchers: Valerie Grijalva, Frontier; Abi Ives, West

Infielders: Ilyssa Espiritu, Stockdale; Amanda Flores, North; Samantha Saenz, Centennial; Deidre Cardoza, West

Outfielders: Megan Reed, Stockdale; Callie McRoberts, North; Tavia Rutherford, Frontier

Utility: Breana Ford, Centennial; Sami Lindsey, North

South Sequoia League

Most Valuable Player: Annissa Carendar, Wasco


Catchers: Ashley Carter, Tehachapi; Morgan Blair, Taft

Pitchers: Ashley Young, Taft; Megan McCormick, Bakersfield Christian

Infielders: Joya Cervera, Wasco; Andrea Garza, Wasco; Kristian Moore, Wasco; Kelsey Kapitzke, Tehachapi; Breannae Farinas, Tehachapi; Karlee Twisselman, Taft, Tori Hoffmann, Bakersfield Christian; Stephanie Powell, Shafter


Mia Conley, Bakersfield Christian; Amy Waters, Shafter; Samantha Saldona, Wasco; Laurie Hernandez, Wasco; Erin Golackson, Tehachapi; Tarah Steinbach, Tehachapi; Cassie Walrath, Taft; Kaylen Minyard, Taft; Courtney McCormack, Bakersfield Christian


Marissa Blankenship, Bakersfield Christian; Roia Liljeroos, Taft; Martinez, Arvin; Priscilla Angulo, Shafter; Nikolette Sanchez, Wasco; Brittany St. John, Tehachapi

Boys track and field

Southeast Yosemite League

Track Athlete of the Year: Chris Schwartz, Foothill

Field Athlete of the Year: Dayshan Ragans, Foothill

First team

Isaiah Purvis, Liberty; Emanuel Turner, Bakersfield; Kevin Norwood, Golden Valley; Eddie Morrow, East; Collin Ellis, Bakersfield

Southwest Yosemite League

Track Athlete of the Year: Anthony Mitchell, North

Field Athlete of the Year: Chris Kelly, Ridgeview

First team

Matt Darr, Frontier; Johnny Carter, Ridgeview; Cody Gragg, North; Daniel Lozano, Stockdale; Steve Silva, Stockdale

Girls track and field

Southeast Yosemite League

Track Athlete of the Year: Brushay Wandick, Bakersfield

Field Athlete of the Year: Shanesha Epps, Golden Valley


Erica Wilcox, Liberty; Natalie Fernandez, Foothill; Sarah Baker, Bakersfield; Amanda Klinchuch, Liberty; Shinaed McDonald, Bakersfield

Southwest Yosemite League

Track Athlete of the Year: Taylor Jackson, Frontier

Field Athlete of the Year: Alana Alexander, Centennial


Alex Collatz, Stockdale; Candace Nichols, South; Candace Carlson, North; Ashlee Thomas, Centennial; Shanea Anderson, Stockdale