Eight days after breaking his right leg late in a game against Utah in Salt Lake City, Condors captain Sean Venedam is finally home -- and hoping to stay there.

Venedam returned home on Feb. 17 after undergoing surgery in Salt Lake City but was admitted to a Bakersfield hospital Monday due to complications.

He was released Saturday morning and is now recuperating at his home.

"I looked down and my right foot was (pointing) 90 degrees to the right," Venedam said of the mishap, which occurred right in front of the Utah bench. "It broke both bones (the tibia and fibula) just above the ankle and below the knee, too.

"I have a rod through the big bone (the tibia), a plate and three screws."

Venedam said there was some concern about infection but that has passed.

"I don't have any feeling in my foot, that's what we have to look after," he said. "I'm just staying on the couch keeping my leg elevated. It's been a tough go but I'm learning to deal with it. I know it's going to be a long recovery, 8 to 10 months."

Venedam also said he wanted to thank the fans for their support and concern.

"It's been overwhelming," he said. "I've been blown away by it."