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ARTHUR: A few readers have complained that we aren't covering the Libya story:

: Amazing!! Opened up my Sunday paper and to my surprise -- after SIX weeks your paper FINALLY have an article on Libya! Front page no less!!! What is it with the liberal press and not wanting to tell the truth, let alone report it!!! If the press thinks that not mentioning this, it will pass unnoticed, think again !!

American people want answers, not cover-ups!! Watergate was NOTHING compared to this !!!

Judith Mosier


READER: I have a bone to pick with The Californian. Only story on Benghazi you have run is the one on Sept. 12 about sending Marines to Tripoli. More and more facts are coming out daily but The Californian has totally neglected this hugely important story where our people died.

Girish Patel MD

READER: One of the biggest news stories that is coming out of Fox News is about the cover up by the White House including President Obama of what happened in BenghazI and the four American men who were killed. Finally Newsweek and ABC News are bringing the story out for all to see and hear. Nothing has been been written by The Bakersfield Californian on this matter.

Marilyn Wilson


ARTHUR: People who think we are not covering this story are not reading the paper very closely.

The Libya events began with the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack. Let's ignore the front page coverage of the attack and its immediate aftermath. In the last month we have carried at least 17 significant stories on the matter. Nine of those were between Oct. 9 and Oct. 18 -- in other words, almost one every day.


READER: Shame on The Bakersfield Californian! In Friday's issue the headlines were about a new Blaze stadium. Down on the bottom of page 36 was a news item that should have been the headline.

It was about an airlift of 17 huge aircraft by the military and the local power companies flying crews and equipment from California to help out the east coast with the damage from hurricane Sandy. Also included was the fact that President Obama authorized it.

This kind of operation is the character we Americans can be proud of and should have been headline news. Was politics involved? Is that why it was subdued?

Kenneth M. Cannon


ARTHUR: The article wasn't "subdued" and it wasn't placed in that spot as part of some sort of political agenda. It was given prominent play on one of two full pages devoted to the storm's aftermath. Was it as important as the story above it, which described the rising death toll, gas shortages, etc.? No.

The stadium story was by far the biggest local interest story of the day and was displayed appropriately. Follow John Arthur on Twitter @BakoEditor This feedback forum is designed to give readers a way to voice criticisms

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