About the only class shown in the aftermath of the tragic death of 87-year-old Lorraine Bayless at the Glenwood Gardens retirement home has come from the victim's family.

The family could have hired a lawyer and slapped the facility with a lawsuit, but instead, it issued a calm, clearly worded statement, praising the care Bayless received and saying it was not in the family's nature to file a lawsuit. In a world that is increasingly crass and litigious, it is nice to see that some form of class still lives.


It was nice to run into David Price the other day at downtown Rotary. Price is the retired head of the county resource management agency who moved to Tennessee and promptly came down with serious spinal problems that left him almost crippled and near death. He is now back walking, smiling and making his trademark jokes.

"I have a few things that don't work," he told me, "but I am blessed with what I have."

Dave and wife Liz were on the West Coast, headed toward a cruise to Hawaii to celebrate his health and their 30th wedding anniversary.


The Bakersfield Museum of Art's goodbye to outgoing executive director Bernie Herman was a heart-warming tribute to his nine years of service. A huge crowd attended the tribute, representing some of the community's most stalwart supporters of the arts.

Among those I spotted were Cindy Pollard, Dona Baker, Art Sherwyn, Larry and Sandy Reider, Jeff and Stephanie Pickering, Gary and Bettina Belter, Bob Crewdson and Nicole St. John, Claire Putney, Gary Frazier, Sheryl and Lou Barbich, John Brock Jr., Don Martin, Judi McCarthy, Betty Younger, Vince and Linda Rojas, Tracy Walker-Kiser, Evelyn Johnson, Lesa and John Mackessey, David and Suzanne Leon, David Cohn, Bart and Napier Hill, Vince Fong, Susan and Rod Hersberger, David and Kristine Morton, Dr. Madan Mukhopadhyay and wife Dolly, and many more.


Radio talk show host Inga Barks has been put on paid leave by her Fresno employer, pending the outcome of an investigation into her arrest at the Marketplace in southwest Bakersfield. Police said Barks was drunk and disorderly when they found her reportedly passed out in her car near Tahoe Joe's bar and restaurant. Barks blamed her condition on medication she is taking.


Hats off to Lieutenant Lincoln Schneider, who has been named one of the Navy's 2012 Recruiters of the Year. The Navy Recruiter of the Year awards recognize the most accomplished and successful recruiters across the country. Schneider is a 1999 graduate of Stockdale High School and later Tulane University.

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