Hearty congratulations are in order for our congressman, Kevin McCarthy, for his rapid climb up the Republican Party hierarchy. He is highly deserving of his position in the party. However, I am still looking for an accomplishment he has done for his constituency to congratulate him.

He brought the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to a meeting here in Bakersfield on valley fever, but now what? A meeting does not solve the valley fever menace. I worked for the federal government for 34 years and have experienced first-hand how an average federal employee works. I often heard it was always two steps forward and one step back in the process. Personally, I feel it is five steps forward and four steps back, unless someone is setting fire to their behind (remember the Department of Veterans Affairs debacle lately?).

Reading the Aug. 4 issue of the The Californian ("Flash flood warning issued as dam springs leak") brought to mind a problem close to home: the leak at Isabella Lake dam. It had been months, if not years, since we learned of the leak -- and all that we were told last is a study was being done on the problem. I wonder if it is being studied to death until Kern County residents die with the study if the dam breaks. What is our "young gun" gunning for? The Republican Party or his constituents? I feel like it is for the former, which accounts for his rapid rise.

David Losa