The political posturing of Chad Vegas reared its ugly head once again in a take-no-prisoners approach towards Self-Insured Schools of California's investigators ("Autism case: KHSD board wants insurer SISC held accountable," Aug. 13). His grandstanding is over the top.

Is Vegas so out of touch with reality that he doesn't know what investigators do? The KHSD's own office will follow students and even videotape them to verify that they live where they say they are living for the purpose of transfers, especially for athletes. Does this make KHSD's practices any less offensive, discriminating, dehumanizing than insurance companies doing exactly what they are supposed to do, investigate?

According to this rationale, police work should never be done for these reasons. This is akin to the patient going to the doctor for a cure and complaining about the medicine. Investigators will do what they deem is necessary to ensure that the facts of the case are indeed true. Attacks upon the good character of good citizens within our community who are simply following the standards of their job because a school board politician doesn't like it are plainly preposterous. Guess what? Make a lawsuit and I guarantee you will be followed and videotaped. That's reality.

Brian Landis