"Jobs, jobs, jobs!" our politicians shout. "Huge economic engine for the region," the developers proclaim. Once again, we salivate over "great" projects like the new outlet mall at the base of the Grapevine ("Set for a big opening," July 17). So, we "create" hundreds of new (mostly) minimum wage jobs that require employees to drive almost 40 miles each way each day, adding to our already overburdened road system (that local taxpayers refused to vote in a needed road tax a few years back).

More fossil fuel burning to add to some of the worst air in the nation and some of the highest rates of pulmonary disease. But it's great because a few investors will rack up huge profits for their efforts. It also helps keep the flow of campaign donations flowing into political war chests that helps politicians at election time.

It's just another project that adds to the disintegration of our neighborhoods, our communities. We have to shop long distances. We have to commute long distances just to keep those low-paying jobs, reducing time spent in communities. Vision is something that is sorely lacking in our current crop of leaders.

Paul Linfesty