I'm all for water conservation. I'm very conscientious about my water usage. And we all know there are those who could care less about wasting water. But, I don't think "residential" water usage should be the only area scrutinized. I've seen many, many businesses let their water flow all through a parking lot or into the street. Both the county and the city do their share of overwatering.

It's the same as it was for power usage cutbacks. Residents were encouraged to swelter in the heat, when businesses had the air conditioning set so low one would need to wear a sweater to shop or to have dinner.

And what is going to be done with the $500 that is collected for misuse of water? I feel as though I will be paying a $65-a-month fine anyway, although I am careful because I cannot use the water for which I pay.

Gini Buchanan