Wednesday's Bakersfield City Council meeting was a waste of time ("Council sparring holds up management raises," July 17). It became a character assassination against certain council members and the city manager.

Terry Maxwell, Ward 2 councilman first and business owner second, should look twice before he accuses someone. Maxwell fails to do his research but puts his agenda in place as a business owner downtown.

Russell Johnson, who is running for Kern County Assessor-Recorder, tried to place himself in front of his Ward 7 constituents. He lost my vote. I cannot back someone who has an agenda that does not result in the people. All I have seen from Johnson is a lack of concern for the people.

Willie Rivera is just following what he thinks will fit his agenda politically. His goal is to climb the stairs to county supervisor, assemblyman, etc. By standing by this vote, Rivera hurt his Ward 1 constituents by following the leaders that he thinks can mentor him.

Mayor Harvey Hall said it best. It was neither the place nor the time to bring personal issues that should have been brought up in a closed meeting. Our city manager came and rallied around his management staff. He has 22 years with us and can show the city how many benefits have become reality: freeways, streets, curbs, gutters, affordable housing, replacement of sewers, parks -- the list goes on.

As a community, let's make phone calls, emails or personal visits to those council members or City Hall to make this stop.

Lynn Kramer