Let me see if I have this right. You can drop a baby, causing fatal injuries, and get a 12-year, four-month sentence. You can beat someone with a baseball bat and are found to have drugs in your home and get a 12-year sentence. That all seems appropriate.

Then we have the cute, devil-may-care young woman with prior speeding violations ("Distracted driver takes jail time over probation," July 8). She, seemingly not paying attention, rams a motorcycle, killing a rider who also is a young woman. She, the driver, is admittedly on her way to buy drugs to share with her mother.

While awaiting trial, she parties, drinks alcohol and goes to Florida with her boyfriend. She gets a slap on the wrist and less than a year in prison.

How long has it been the law that, when you disobey traffic laws to the extent of killing someone, you are able to decide what your sentence and punishment should be? That woman committed a horrendous crime. She should be rightfully punished. And why did those two men get the sentences they did for doing what they did?

A woman judge judging a man and a male judge judging a woman. Is that the difference? It sure makes you wonder.

Elinor Grant