The Californian's article about residence motels and the family that lives there was very interesting ("Between a rock & a dangerous place," July 6) -- especially when taken into context with the article about Raquel Johnson ("No way out and then 'God opened the door,'" July 6).

The choices you make and then take responsibility for define the life you will have. The residence family lives in a motel room and are having another baby? Did these children ask to be born into this kind of life? I think they deserve better. Of course, without a doubt in my mind, the new baby will be paid for by taxpayers. Mr. Mestaz looks very healthy, even able to work two jobs if that's what it takes to provide better for his family. In fact, Ms. Current looks like she could work, too.

Then there is Ms. Johnson, who came here with nothing and has been able to provide not only a home for her four daughters, but send one to Berkeley -- all by working and making right choices.

I don't fault anyone for wanting a better life for their family; that is what we all strive for. But if you're not going to work for it, or make excuses why you can't do it, don't look for a handout from taxpayers. If you can make babies, you can make a living and provide for those babies.

Cathey Berg