Upon reading two letters in the April 4 Californian concerning the need for all this wasteful highway landscaping ("Don't let drought cloud landscaping decisions," "Drought-tolerant landscaping"), I headed down the freeway towards work.

I drove past untrimmed and dead plants, weeds and trash, when my vehicle was hit by yet another errant sprinkler. (After I just had it washed, of course.) I wonder if the people who stated they didn't want our freeways looking like Arizona's have ever been there. I just returned from a spring-training trip there and their highways were pristine. Freeways were tastefully decorated with rocks and plants and trees that don't take much water.

Also in Arizona, which has a much-lower tax rate, you can actually drive on pavement without holes and patches. If my yard looked like the freeways here, the city would ticket me and I'd be staying in a motel because I couldn't stand the filth.

Steve Ledbetter