In my travels up and down the state of California working for the railroad, I spend a lot time in Santa Fe Springs, a suburb of Los Angeles County. I know that every law enforcement department has its problems with officers who take matters into their own hands and don't follow proper procedure while taking individuals into custody. Los Angeles had a problem with its county jails.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina called on the FBI to launch an investigation on the allegations of corruption. Eighteen arrests were made of officers. Sheriff Lee Baca was forced to resign because he could not control his department.

I wonder why no politicians have gotten involved in Kern County to help cure similar problems here.

Where is Supervisor Leticia Perez at these rallies for justice? Rudy Salas has not done anything to help his constituents remedy these cases of police brutality. I am outraged that nothing is being done in Kern County. My heart goes out to the families of this senseless violence. May God hear their prayers for justice.

Ronnie Cruz