Would the writers of recent letters to the editor who accused opponents of the proposed local Islamic center of being discriminatory and intolerant ("Help our Muslim neighbors," March 14; "Fight over Islamic center just rooted in prejudice," March 13; "Church would get a pass," March 13) say the same thing about the adherents of the so-called "religion of peace" who have terrorized and persecuted Christians worldwide, not to mention kept them from building churches?

The hypocrisy is even more glaring in light of what Christians have had to put up with in this country in recent times.

For starters, not only have they been forced to accommodate and even subsidize the sinful perversions of others, lawmakers are being vilified for ensuring that religious conscience remains constitutionally protected. Then came the targeting of conservatives by the IRS, making ever more surreal the fundamental transformation of this nation that the media is cheering on like clapping seals.

Furthermore, a pro-life display was taken from two sisters by a UC Santa Barbara professor, who then allegedly assaulted them when they tried to get it back. Students and teachers at a high school in Branford, Conn., have started being hostile and mean toward members of a Students for Life chapter after the administration failed to censor them.

Evidently, prejudice and intolerance are kosher for those going left on the street but not so for others heading right.

Joel Torczon