In a few short years since re-opening, the Padre Hotel seems to be going down the same path many other Bakersfield establishments tend to go: down the drain.

The first three years of the Padre's re-vamp were a breath of sophisticated air. Bakersfield had an upscale hotel and nightlife we could be proud of. Sadly, I don't believe that to be the case anymore.

Recently, the Padre has become a place where I feel unsafe and disrespected. I've witnessed a man kick a woman in the jaw (knocking her teeth out) and a window get punched out, spraying glass all over the patrons inside.

I've been harassed by a man who threatened to shoot my friends and me after we complained to management. I've been held inside the hotel on lockdown due to a stabbing.

Another concerning issue is how staff has reacted in these situations. When asked to be escorted to our cars after being threatened, my friends and I were walked 10 feet out of the hotel before the employee left us to walk the rest of the block by ourselves. When the Bakersfield Police Department ordered the Padre to close for the night after the stabbing, we were hostilely yelled at to get out immediately by the bouncers, even though we were unaware of the stabbing that had occurred outside.

Citizens and visitors deserve a place where they can go for a safe evening of fun and relaxation. That place used to be the Padre, but it doesn't seem like it will be for much longer.

Jennifer Dougherty