I am at a loss when it comes to the decline of the Padre Hotel. One of the nicest establishments in Bakersfield has become a haven for dangerous activity. I am a young woman who enjoys a fun night out, but I also would like to feel safe. The hotel has a responsibility -- to patrons and out-of-town guests -- to create a safe environment.

Sadly, that is no longer the case.

The last four times I have been there I have witnessed dangerous incidents.

I implore the Padre Hotel to make some changes before it's too late. It's a shame because I enjoy the hotel, but I no longer want to put my safety at risk -- and I know I am not alone.

They are losing more and more customers like myself, who respect their environment, and gaining customers who create incidents.

I ask them which is more important: making a few difficult changes now and maintaining a great reputation, or keeping things how they are and becoming just another dangerous place in Bakersfield?

Kai Mercado