President Obama has a lot of excuses. He didn't know that: we were spying on the German chancellor; his administration was sending guns to Mexico; the Department of Justice seized Associated Press phone records; the IRS was targeting tea party groups; the website was going to fail.

It seems this president has an excuse for everything -- including Benghazi. When I hear people pushing an event like Benghazi to the side like it's political noise, that truly saddens me. When it comes down to what caused the attack, it really doesn't matter whether it was al-Qaeda or Girl Scouts who were angry because the embassy did not purchase cookies from them. Someone on that night had weapons, knew how to use them, and kicked our butts because this administration disregarded warnings and pleas for more security. Many active and inactive military are appalled by what Obama did not do before the attack -- and what did and did not happen after the attack. As a U.S. Navy veteran, I learned, especially on foreign soil, our very lives depended on having each others' backs. But Obama didn't even stick around the White House after the embassy attack. He had to go to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. He had an election to win, don't you see?

Community organizers with no military or business experience are bad for this country. We need a real leader that leads from the front.

Judd Stacy