I am dismayed by the recent promotion of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan. I tried to keep an open mind when reading the plan, which is open for comment for 120 days. Unfortunately, after consulting with scientists, professors and experts regarding the BDCP, it will not be the solution to the Central Valley's water problem.

Why are Gov. Jerry Brown, Sen. Jean Fuller and others asking California taxpayers to be on the hook for upwards of $50 billion dollars? The BDCP offered no real alternatives to the water problem, just different sizes and waterflows using a double-barreled, 21-mile pipe from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The experts are boggled why this plan is being put forth while others that are less expensive and actually work are being put on extinction.

I researched this myself and realized some real inexpensive ways that the agriculture industry could be re-engineered with some government help, if needed.

The current irrigation canals in use in the Central Valley waste 60 percent of water, and there are solutions out there that would make it cheaper for farmers to water their crops and 90 to 95 percent more effective. So why aren't we using these methods? It wouldn't cost anywhere near the $50 billion dollars that it would cost the taxpayers in Sen. Fuller's BDCP, nor would it lead to sinkholes due to overpumping. Do the research yourself, look at each side's claims and decide whether you think the BDCP is right for the Central Valley and right for California.

Raymond Miller

Yucca Valley