Pollution is a growing concern to the citizens of Kern County. Garbage can be seen on highways and streets. Even air pollution is extremely visible. Air pollution can contribute to asthma, heart disease, lung functions and even death.

There needs to be a change. The American Lung Association ranked Bakersfield as the worst year-round and short-term particle pollution city. Bakersfield also ranks third in ozone pollution.

I understand that Kern County officials, just like the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, are doing their best to clean up the air and particle pollution. A local news report stated that in 2013, the Air Pollution Control District made changes such as restricting new filters for big-rigs, getting rid of old trucks and making fines higher for those who pollute.

Although I think more should be done to make pollution decrease, I am thankful for the work that's being done and believe that we should all continue to do our best in this new year to help reduce pollution.

Linai Posada