Does anyone doubt that high-speed rail is going to happen? Let's indulge in some progressive thinking. Let's talk about the 24th Street expansion. All those cars don't have to be if we had a BART (Bakersfield Area Rapid Transit) system connected to the HSR. Unflustered and energized by the simplicity of it all, any one of us would be able to take the BART to the HSR to Los Angeles or maybe Santa Monica. What a holiday.

Folks working downtown need a BART system they can hook up with and use to travel without having to park their cars downtown and create additional pollution. We have to get beyond the political degeneration around HSR and simply get aboard. HSR will be the greatest American vehicle to energize a mobile work force ever seen. One day, we may need to take HSR to LA, the Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Denver or Omaha for a job interview. Whether it's a hot dog in Chicago, or seafood in Seattle, HSR is the way to make it happen. Our kids, soon to be tomorrow's engineers, are dreaming their dreams. Some are hoping HSR is there for them when they graduate and need a job. HSR is the ticket, folks, for what ails California. Let's make it happen, whatever it takes. We will all benefit, every one of us.

Duane H. Henning