The city of Bakersfield has done a poor job with annexations, in my opinion, and I am glad there is a moratorium on them. The city has approved the annexation and development of a 70-acre property on the southeast corner of 7th Standard Road and Calloway Drive which is very inappropriate for the area. The properties around it are either homes on acreage, commercial or agricultural properties, yet they approved the tract map for 254 homes on that land.

Calloway north of Snow Road is already a disaster traffic wise -- it sometimes can't handle the traffic it already has. The city will not commit to improvements, such as traffic lights, on Calloway before 2035. Some left turns are nearly impossible during peak traffic hours and the traffic often backs up from the stop sign at Snow Road about a half-mile during rush hour.

There are other problems as well. Despite acknowledgment by the Bakersfield City Council and city Planning Commission that there are major problems on Calloway, and that it can be dangerous, they ignored our request to leave the land use and zoning as it is. They are determined to do a land grab.

When I told Bakersfield Vice Mayor Ken Weir that the density was too high for that location, he said to go talk to Jerry Brown because Brown wants high-density housing. I suggest Mr. Weir go live in San Francisco to get a taste of high-density living.

Elaine Fleeman