I am writing in reference to the Community Voices article regarding the Kern County Retired Employee Association's investment policy ("Chamber lauds Board's vote to create local investment policy," Jan. 3). I have read with great interest as a retired member of KCERA since 2004. I feel that I have been run over by a bus load of private businesses, taxpayer organizations and politicians trying to grab something which they would dearly love to have: our money.

I believe the organized attempt to pivot the funds for local investment is so patently self-serving that most people would just laugh about it. However, it is not something to be taken lightly.

The Kern County Board of Supervisors, led by Mike Maggard, David Couch, et al, have stated they want to use our money to spend on local investments. Please remember what Crisp and Cole did for our local economy and its investors too numerous to mention. I believe KCERA is doing an adequate and correct procedural fiduciary responsibility with a long track record, which should be emulated, not decimated.

Fred M. Garrison