I cannot say enough about our emergency room staffs here in Bakersfield. Mercy Hospital, Mercy Southwest, Memorial Hospital, Kern Medical Center and San Joaquin Community Hospital have all been under unsurmountable stress this week with the flu epidemic in Kern County.

I work at Kern Valley Hospital and had numerous critical transfers to get out of our emergency room to other hospitals. I was calling and talking to the staff and charge nurses at these facilities, trying to get transfers accepted. Some had 20-35 patients on hold in their emergency rooms awaiting admits to the acute care/intensive care unit/telemetry floors.

Not enough is written about these people: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they are trying to take care of the mundane to the critical, including strokes, heart attacks, stabbing, shootings and respiratory failures.

These are emergency room warriors. All you ever hear in the news is how the hospitals messed up, misdiagnosed something, etc.

Marcine Hughes

Lake Isabella