This is what we have to listen to: Bakersfield citizens telling us to ignore science; people speaking out against the 98 percent of the scientific community who agree that the greatest threat to mankind is manmade global warning ("More dissent on climate change," Dec. 6).

Skeptics read the works of fossil-fuel-funded whackos that tell us, "Don't worry, be happy. The world's scientists are lying to you. There is no global warning." Even though tobacco companies stopped paying Dr. Fred Singer for preaching that second-hand smoke was no problem, he's receiving numerous grants from Shell, Exxon Mobile, ARCO, Sun Oil Company and Unocal. Why not? He's singing their song. Burning fossil fuel in the atmosphere is wonderful. In fact, Singer has long stated that ocean temperatures rising is actually good for humanity. Singer founded the non-governmental International Panel of Climate Change. There are a handful of fossil fuel engineers who agree with him, including a few ignorant meteorologists who also consider themselves smarter than the world's leading scientists.

I'm only sorry that they won't be around to see what a mess they've made of things.

Dan McGuire