The U.S. Supreme Court decided to hear arguments advocated by Hobby Lobby, which is seeking to be excused from providing contraceptives in conjunction with its company sponsored health care on moral grounds.

The family which controls Hobby Lobby is highly religious and believes it's a sin to prevent or intervene in any pregnancy. And the family believes it violates their personal integrity to knowingly offer contraceptive services to their employees. It's very likely many Christians champion this perspective, and many believe being mandated to provide contraceptive health services is a violation of some or another Constitutional principle. What makes this all so interesting is the same controlling interest which is mortified at providing contraceptives to their employees seems to have no moral issues purchasing products from China, a nation where the single-child policy has been absolute and contraceptive use is mandatory. It's a nation where millions of women have undergone abortions to stay on the good side of the law, which apparently doesn't offend Hobby Lobby.

It can be concluded that Hobby Lobby welcomes profits, and profits trump faith. Unquestionably, the same products could be made and purchased domestically. China is just cheaper, and who really cares about that other thing?

Wade Eagleton