I live on the west end of the new Westside Parkway, and travel it many times during the week. I think the completion of this highway is one of the best things to happen in Bakersfield in a long time. It makes trips east and west so much more convenient than using surface streets.

However, it is so disappointing to see this new highway look like Highway 58 in less than three months. The west end of the Westside Parkway's shoulder and median are littered with boxes and other trash that likely blew off the back of someone's pickup truck. I don't know why drivers of pickup trucks don't tie down the trash they are hauling better than they do and then just leave it on the side of the highway for someone else to pick up when it does blow off.

This highway too will start to look like the eyesore that Highway 58 has become if we don't take better care of it.

Greg Billinger