I want to thank Rep. Kevin McCarthy for his loyalty to the cause of sound governing principles that responsible voters expect from a man of integrity. Lately, some people made statements that are derogatory towards a great Congressman.

McCarthy was not responsible for the government's partial shutdown. Obama was; he supported a lie in that we the people could keep our health care if we liked it. The Republicans knew Obamacare was a bad law that would cost Americans billions of dollars, and most Americans believe it is a train wreck.

Yes, the Republicans voted against Obamacare. They tried to repeal it 41 times, and they were right 41 times. With the latest revelations on Obama lying as far back as 2009 about Obamacare, the poll numbers are falling. Why? Because the truth on Obamacare has surfaced, and it is not good.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein should have read the bill before it was passed; it was all in the 2,700-page bill. I expected Rep. Nancy Pelosi to not read the bill; she would pass anything that had a Democrat's name on it. McCarthy should keep up the great work. He has many friends in Kern County.

Trenton Spears