I'm tired of Republicans who feel that jumping on the immigration reform bandwagon will do them well in the upcoming elections of 2014 and 2016. I suspect that any Republican who does sell his soul to help the Democrats is going to be destroyed by the conservative voters who still form the majority of this nation's citizens. While it might not always appear that way at the polls, it's because of the Republican Party's ongoing desire to offer us moderate RINO Republicans, for whom none of us will vote.

Will it take a major WMD attack before our politicians see the error of their ways, or are they simply desirous of flooding the nation with undocumented voters who will vote for the party who hands out the most free stuff?

If you keep allowing in more and more uneducated, low-skill, low-wage workers, there won't be any jobs for Americans to take, much less lifelong careers. Few Americans will ever get jobs as long as the border remains wide open and more and more illegals flood the nation seeking amnesty and a handout.

Craig Carrick