It galls me that people march lock step with the government as laws are continually implemented supplanting the personal choices guaranteed by our once-used Constitution.

I'm all for the government producing pamphlets making uneducated people aware of which foods are healthy. Are people really going to be happy when it is legislated that you can eat lettuce with no dressing, peaches with no cream, broccoli with no cheese? How about six ounces of red meat per person (even as vegetarians take their protein supplements)? And, of course, ice cream should be illegal.

How far will they go? And if I wanted to live in a world like that, I'd move to Ethiopia. There will be uproar among the masses if marijuana is legalized as proposed (because it is healthy for you, of course) and the food police make brownies illegal. Our president recommended that we turn our thermostats up to 78 degrees. Do you really think he does? The only time he sweats is when one of his many scandals is brought up. Ah yes, eat your veggies. But if you are a senior and in need of a hip replacement, you're going to die pretty soon anyway -- so said our compassionate president.

I remember a time in this country when we could make our own decisions concerning ourselves and our family.

Steve Ledbetter