Can't Bakersfield Police Department technicians perform more proactive tasks than ticketing families that are supporting their children through after-school sports programs at community parks? On Oct. 26, my son had a flag football game at Emerald Cove Park. Due to limited parking, many attendees had to park on the east side of Patton Way, where there are "No Parking" signs. The next weekend, a police technician was giving out tickets at 12:37 p.m., when the game was ending. I know she gave out at least three tickets, including one to me and one to my son's coach. A better goal would be to ticket drivers talking or texting on phones on high-traffic streets.

There has to be a better solution to allow for limited parking during scheduled sports activities. I live near North High School, which has "No Parking" signs around the school. NHS fans park all along that area on football nights. Does law enforcement issue tickets in that instance?

It seems so unfriendly to families and a cheap shot to bring in revenue. I feel badly for my son's coach, who volunteers his time to bring positive experiences to the youth of our community. BPD ought to be building positive relationships in the community. Waiving parking tickets at sports events would go a long way toward helping to create a positive image.

Kelly Boston