I am so exasperated with the superficial and meaningless "feel-good" experiences of free meals occasionally provided by drive-thru customers to the folks in the car behind them ("Hot, iced or blended: Pay it forward," Oct. 19). Poppycock! Customers have money to buy their meal or they would not be ordering. Instead, give the money to a needy homeless person who is not begging and really help someone. That same $10 could be put to use helping a disadvantaged child with needed school supplies. There are myriad options to donate to the needy but they take a little thought and effort unlike the quick, good feeling provided by an utterly useless "act of kindness."

Believe me, I know how this letter will be received by the majority of folks, but honestly, I am so tired of them patting themselves on the back for their self-gratifying and vapid act.

Cris Reep