The U.S. quietly released $1.6 billion to Pakistan. How wonderful for the Pakistanis. Congress can't balance the budget, the government was recently shut down, people were laid off or placed on furlough, parks were closed so no revenue was coming in from them, and other programs came to a halt.

Congress was acting like a bunch of kindergartners who whined because they couldn't have their way. None of them should be voted in again next year. But not to worry. They will get their big pensions and perks. It might help the economy if their perks were cut out and their salaries lowered some.

The Kern Community College District chancellor received a 9 percent raise. The president of Cal State Bakersfield also received a nice fat raise not too long ago. Citizens who are out of a job because of cuts are turned away, but illegal immigrants get handouts of every kind. There must be a stopping place somewhere. Time to get rid of the leeches.

Barbara Mullin