Lois Henry's comments on the environmentalists are well-taken; by all means scrutinize them ("Looking for the truth on fracking makes for compelling film," Oct. 20). But her dismissive "some dude in a lab coat" comment implies that they're all up to no good.

We hear from Ann McElhinney that "environmental groups have the power to keep communities from developing their resources and improving their lot in life," and how sad this is, especially in "impoverished countries around the globe." Later we hear about stolen community dreams that she pins on lying "outside activists" along with an earlier reminder of how "The environmental movement is big business, some groups are vast corporations ..."

And, what, oil companies are not vast corporations? And, better yet, they're not for-profit industries like we supposed but benevolent organizations? Where motives are money I would think the onus -- and the scrutiny -- should fall primarily upon them. And, until an environmental group posts a $15 billion quarterly profit, I think that's where it should stay.

Philip Berling