The recent police-involved shooting of Jorge Ramirez ("Lawyer wants independent probe of informant's shooting," Oct. 17) has me wondering: What is going on with some Bakersfield Police officers? For an informant to be killed and the officers involved to be silent, I say: "What?" I've always said that some of the officers in our community are a reflection of the community's crime environment.

I believe Chief Greg Williamson should ask for the resignation of those silent officers. If they don't resign, he certainly have enough evidence to terminate them. These officers are no good for BPD anymore. They have shown their true colors, which are not manifested with honesty and truth. Their character on a scale from one to 10 -- 10 being great -- is one. BPD officers must have honor, integrity, truthfulness and trust from their community. How can we trust officers who are keeping silent about the shooting of two men, one of them being an informant? Why are the officers silent? And is Williamson aware of the reasons for the silence?

Larcenia Taylor