Is America for sale? Is America up for grabs? Is America practicing racism in favor of Mexican nationals?

If pro-immigration groups are advocating that reform is necessary, maybe they are right.

They are also advocating a fair and equitable solution that will stop deportations. OK, let's not deport. Let's import instead. Instead of using flights to deport, let's make immigration fair and begin flights to import nationals from underrepresented countries who wish to enter but have had their chances diminished because they must enter airports and do not live in close proximity to the U.S. border. Let's say, just to start, close off visas to Mexico, which has the highest illegal immigrant population in the U.S.

Because of their close proximity, they will still continue their current flow to the U.S.

Then fly no less than 500,00 folks from other countries into the U.S. On the U.S. immigration website, as of August 2013, applications accepted for the deferred action program total 567,563; and of those applications, 433,318 were from Mexico alone, followed only by El Salvador with 21,638, and so on.

The question to immigration advocates: Are you really wanting a fair and equitable solution, or are you wanting a power grab for the U.S. and to practice racism by shutting the U.S. border to all others except for Mexico?

Will the Mexican caucus be on board? Will the SEIU be on board? Will the ACLU be on board? Will the UFW be on board? Will politicians be on board? The only fair solution is to allow other nationalities a chance at the American Dream.

Karen Dobbe