I reported for jury duty Oct. 17. I look forward to this important responsibility of citizenship. I have gladly reported for duty, served on juries, and fulfilled this obligation to the best of my ability. I would encourage all to approach this service with a similar attitude.

However, during the process of jury selection for the Kern County Superior Court, several of us on a panel returned to the jury parking lot to return materials to our vehicles that would not be needed while jury selection took place in the courtroom.

This was approximately three hours after parking there initially. At least one juror had already had his vehicle broken into. Electronics and other valuables were removed from his truck cab, causing physical damage.

I saw neither officers nor security cameras in that lot or nearby. The fact that no apparent security is provided for jury parking lots is unacceptable. It is unreasonable for our county to expect citizens to take a break from their occupations and lives to fulfill this duty if they have to fear either for their personal safety or for that of their property.

John Tarjan