I have just read the ridiculous opinion piece blaming President Obama for creating the huge national debt ("Obama's debt ceiling hypocrisy," Oct. 18).

The president cannot write checks or incur debt except in time of war. Congress passes bills that incur debt, which are ratified by the Senate. So, Obama cannot incur debt. However, since foreign affairs and the military are under the president, I would lay our huge government debt at the feet of George W. Bush, one of the most spending presidents we have ever had.

Remember, the debt ceiling is to pay for the money Congress has already spent. So, if the debt ceiling isn't raised, that means that Congress will not stand by loans they owe. How in heaven can anyone blame Obama for money Congress spends?

George Washington said that if there were a two-party government, eventually nothing would be done because they would be so polarized they wouldn't compromise on anything. Sound familiar? If you know anything of the Founding Fathers, you would know that they had individual ideas and beliefs. The only way this country was actually created was compromise. So, obviously, tea party people missed American History 101 and Government 101.

Johnnie K. Adams