Please don't take this in any way as a sign of disrespect, but I am so worn out from seeing our political rank-and-file standing to give that "moment of silence" for the citizens that have been massacred by the insane ("Lone gunman kills 12 in rampage," Sept. 17).

The National Rifle Association has done a really good job of pounding that guns are going to be taken away. In the realistic and rational world, we all know guns will never be taken away. Guns are here to stay. All that is being asked is to have some gun control or background checks.

What good does it do to keep asking to "Please stand and give a moment of silence" when we all know it's going to happen again? Why are we perpetuating this horrible scene over and over?

God help us if one of our own is taken away by such violence. No one is safe. That Naval area was a place that was enforced by armed guards and still those people were massacred. So no, more guns do not keep you safer. The NRA is protecting their money backers; whom do you want to protect?