In response to the Sept. 17 letter "Wage hike will cost us": I do understand economics. I also understand that the purpose of the minimum wage increase is to increase the standard of living for many low-income people. If more people have more income, then the small businesses will get a share of these profits through the products that they sell. Small businesses will not have to restrict hours that employees work to make up the difference in wages.

The letter also states that minimum wage is not meant to be a living wage but a starting point on the income-earning scale. If that is the case, please explain why we have so many small businesses where minimum wage is the only wage for so many employees, with supervisors and managers making $10-12 an hour, and business owners continue to make a large profit and continue to expand with more "small businesses"?

Costco is a great example of a small business gone large while keeping prices low and quality of merchandise higher than their competitors. They value their employees and pay them a minimum of $11.50 an hour, provide them with health benefits and also provide them with opportunities for advancement.

If you truly want to be a quality small business owner, start by valuing your employees, not just using or exploiting them. The minimum wage increase is a win for all. Maybe, just maybe this will help to decrease the number of families that are on welfare or food stamps.